Jam-packed with handy features...

... you won't know how you did without

PPM Admin Features

Calendar View (Scheduling)

Instantly see the start time, town (for mobile parties) and who's party it is.
Colour-coding shows status of each booking.
Colour-coded avatars show instantly who is hosting each party, if you have multiple staff.
Unavailable days shown clearly in grey.
Double click on an entry to view / edit the booking.
Click on a day to quickly add a party booking for that date.

List View

Consistent colour-coding of booking statuses used as in calendar view
Sort by any column be clicking on the header.

Enquiry / Booking Editor

Record customer type, customer details, child name(s), company name, venue address (for mobile parties), choice of service / package and more.
Pricing matrix, including base packages price, supplements, price of extras, travel fee, deposit amount, and remaining balance.
Prices are auto-calculated based on party services setup, but can be overriden.

Party Service Configuration

Configure multiple services, and multiple packages per service.
Specify duration, min. children, max. children, base price and price-per-child if appropriate.
Set up your assets such as mascot suits and bouncy castles.
Set up your staff members, assigning each of them a coloured avatar.
Set up choices for your packages, such as choice of mascot. Each option can optionally have a price supplement attached.
Set up extras available for each package, along with prices.
All the above results in a pricing formula such that prices for bookings can be automatically calculated based on choices made.
Set up the days / times you are available for party bookings.

PPM Form Configuration

Matrix shows which fields are currently displayed, and which are mandatory on each of your PPM Forms.
Easily set fields to either be mandatory, optional or not displayed.

Standard Texts

Unlimited number of standard texts can be set up
Can be subsequently pulled into either emails or party info PDFs

Team Management

Assign each team member a colour
Up to four team members shown on calendar view
Each team member assigned to a booking also has a status, from 'Pencilled in' through to 'Fee paid.
Record job fee, due date and date paid

Gig Availability Check

Pencil in suitable team members for a particular role.
Invite them to check their availability and accept or decline the gig.
Booking is automatically updated.
You will also receive a noticiation email.

Communicate with your clients and team

Send to your client, yourself or assigned staff members.
Send booking details only, or add an ad-hoc or Standard Text message.
Reply-to address of the email is set to that of the customer, providing a convenient way to forward it on to the customer.
Emails sent through the system recorded in a log for each booking.

Booking Info PDF Generator

Send the details only, or choose a predefined standard text to include.
Generate PDF with booking details only, or choose a predefined standard text to include

Automation Options

Update booking status when 'deposit paid date' is set.
Send 'deposit received' confirmation email to client, when 'deposit paid date' is set.
Update booking status when 'remaining balance paid date' is set.
Send 'balance settled' confirmation email to client, when 'remaining balance paid date' is set.
Automated emails can be personalised with your words using Standard Texts

Calendar notes and Unavailable Periods

Complements booking calendar entries to provide a full picture of what's happening each calendar date.
Can be used to record things like staff holidays, or general reminders

Google Calendar Integration

All your bookings are copied immediately to your Google Calendar once the date, start time and end time are decided.
If you are an existing Google Calendar, relying on the phone app to schedule your days, you can continue doing so.
Even if you have no intention of using Google Calendar, it can be used real-time backup of your schedle of bookings, for piece-of-mind.

Enquiry & Booking Data Export

Export as often as you like, to provide a backup of data that your can store on your own computer.
Close your Party Pro Manager account at any time, in the knowledge that you can take your data away with you.

PPM Forms Features

Initial Enquiry Form

Share via social media and integrate into your website.
Client can select the service / package they are interested in.
Client is then presented with any choices to be made (e.g. choice of outfit or choice of bouncy castle)
Client can select any extras.
Client asked for other key details such as requested party date and number of children.
Price automatically calculated according to choice of package, options, extras and number of children.

Booking Request Form

Easily intregrate with your website, or share via social media
Option to pre-fill the form for your client, using information from an existing enquiry.

Customer Booking Finalisation Form

The finalisation form can also be used in cases where all the information is known, enabling the customer to double-check the booking details and confirm all the info is correct.
Once submitted, the customer is immediately presented with deposit payment details (if required): Amount, unique payment ref, and bank details set up in the admin.
Provides peace-of-mind for you and your client.

Public Availability Calendar (optional)

Shows dates with provisional and secured bookings, as well as unavailable days.
Clicking on a date immediately opens your enquiry form, pre-filled with that requested party date.
Alternative version avaiable with split for AM and PM timeslots.