Fun Science franchise

PPM Success Story

In this success story:

  • Who are Fun Science?
  • How has PPM benefited Fun Science?
  • Future plans for the franchise

Q: Could you tell us a little about yourself and the story of Fun Science?

Fun science has been running for 6 years and offering franchises for 3 of those years. We run hands on practical science activities for primary aged children.

Q: Can you describe a typical day before you adopted PPM?

Before using PPM, all our bookings were in different places. This meant swapping from file to file, document to document.

Q: Can you describe a typical day since adopting PPM?

Having the PPM calendar has made it so much easier to see what is happening at all times, and managing bookings has been made easy. It has also removed the risk of overbooking due to human error.

About our interviewie:

Cress Bullock
Making science fun

What was your single biggest motivation for trialing PPM?

We trialled PPM after it was recommended to us by one of our franchisees. We wanted a way to speed up party bookings and remove the risk of paper forms being lost or word documents being deleted. We also needed an easy way to see when deposits and balances had been paid.

Are there any benefits to PPM that you hadn't originally foreseen?

We initially started using PPM to help with party bookings, however, working closely with Adam we have been able to tailor the system to suit most areas of the business (holiday club and workshop bookings etc.)

Are you able to say roughly how much time PPM is saving you?

It saves us at least 10 minutes per booking. Which really adds up when we are taking multiple bookings per day!

How have you been utilising the extra time PPM has freed up?

We have been using the extra time to create new resources and programmes for our franchisees.

Do you have a single favourite PPM feature?

Our favourite feature is probably the holiday club booking system. We used to take bookings on paper forms and manually input them onto a spreadsheet. PPM ensures that we have all the details we need, without us having to do any work once the holiday club is live. It feels a lot more secure and professional, and saves us loads of time which can be spent developing our holiday club programmes. The party booking system is also a massive help for this reason.

What would your advice be to anyone hesitant to try PPM due to cost or other reasons?

Give it a try, it may not be for you but with the free trial you can find out!

What plans and goals do you have for the future of Fun Science (or your particular branch)?

We would love to set up more branches across the country. All our current branches are doing so well that we would now have the time to focus on new branches and help more people start their own successful businesses. We have also just started our first US branch and would like to start new branches in the USA.

Some thoughts from our founder

Thank you, Cress!

Huge thanks to Cress for taking time out of her busy schedule to provide these responses.

It was a proud moment and huge milestone for us back in 2016, when Fun Science took the decision to adopt PPM as a franchise, following the kind words of your first franchisee to try out the system.

It's been a pleasure working with you and your franchises so far, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the months and years to come.

We hope that PPM will prove invaluable in your expansion plans, providing yet another reason for those seeking a franchise to choose Fun Science.

Thanks also to Jacky!

We'd also like to thank Jacqueline Boylan for her huge role in the Fun Science franchise being with us - She was the aforementioned first of their branches to try the system, and continues to offer thoughtful suggestions as to how we can improve the system.

Jacky has also kindly provided her own detailed success story from her franchisee's perspective...

Adam Barrett
Party Pro Manager Founder
Cress Bullock
Adam Barrett