Telling testimonials

... from some of our lovely clients

Amanda from Character Pros

[Party Pro Manager] has saved me more than 20 hours a week in admin work.
It has streamlined my booking process for my clients and made me appear more professional as a company.
I have never done business with a company that values my input and appreciates my feedback like PPM.

Mandy from Tiddlywinks Party Time

I don’t don’t how I managed my booking system for so long without [PPM].
Adam talked through setting up super clearly.
Highly recommend to everyone needing a professional booking system.

Lynne from Digital Ninjas

I’ve been using the system for a few weeks now and can’t recommend enough.
[PPM] has simplified and streamlined our booking process and Adam couldn’t have been more helpful.

Brooke from Project Princess

PPM has greatly increased productivity and organization and it's a win win for both myself and customers!
We've received so many reviews and comments about "how easy the booking process was from start to finish."

Katie from Once Upon a Dream Perfomances

Amazing system that is ALWAYS updating to ensure that we have the most intelligent, simple and helpful booking system in our hands.
Adam has been more than helpful from day 1!
Highly recommend! Switch over now... don't wait!

Leona from Fabtastic Parties

Party Pro Manager has really helped in the smooth running of my business.
It is great as it is tailored specifically for people who run kids party companies.
I would highly recommend this service for anyone in our industry

Marielle from Princesses & Fairytales

PPM is exactly what our business needed to get organised and grow
It is amaizing what this has done for our business cutting our admin cost by 3.
Our staff find the portal very useful.

Jelly from Blazing Balloons

Everything with Party Pro Manager is absolutely phenomenal!
There's a lot of attention to detail and personal help as you get started, as well as a great community of other users who are happy to answer questions and help you out!
I would absolutely recommend giving it a try!

Paul from Really Grand Events

I trialed and tested and disregarded other booking systems and then I saw PPM mentioned.
[PPM] is vastly superior to all others and was best suited for us
Adam is a joy to work with!

Jacky from Fun Science West Lancs

Overall the system is excellent. It is a real timesaver.
It was simple and I liked the feel of it.
I’m very happy to have recommended PPM to our franchisor and for it now to be rolled out to all franchisees.
I’d definitely recommend giving PPM a try.

Cress from Fun Science Franchise

Adam was great at listening to our thoughts and adapting the system to come up with something to suit our business perfectly.
Furthermore, the booking system will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on admin for us and our franchisees.

Christianna from HEA Entertainment

This is THE best system for the character industry.
I do believe it is because of this new system I'm getting way more bookings!
This system come with the best management team as well!

Jillian from Dream It Character Parties

So I'm LOVING PPM. Worth every penny.
LOVING being able to send people to an easy to use form instead of doing things manually all the time!

Peter from Marvellous Events

I honestly cannot praise this product enough - it's a game changer for my business.
Additional functions are always being added and it evolves along with the community.

Beverley from Character Kingdom

Adam has been awesome the whole time adding tools, replying to questions immediately, and helping me understand the system.
Getting the Party Pro Manager system has been the best thing I've done for my business to date.

Amanda from Amanda's Action Club

Wow, what can I say!
If you're a party professional looking for a more efficient way to book your parties, you really need to speak with Adam from PPM about his incredible system.
He is full of enthusiasm for helping people in this industry in any way he can.

Renee from Dream Time Princess Events

Adam, from Party Pro Manager, was such a great help to our business with our website!
He has so much knowledge to help in making your site's SEO the best it can be and shared all this knowledge with us freely!
Thank you, Adam, for taking the time to look at our website, give us quality suggestions, and being super friendly at the same time!

Claire from Oglee Poglee

I spent nearly a year looking for a system that could reduce the admin associated with my children's party business, but nothing seemed to fit.
Finally I found Party Pro Manager and it has transformed my business processes.
The party bookings are coming in and I have halved my admin.

Ron from Grandaddy & Nanny Trumbell

PPM does just about everything I want a diary/booking system to do.
In my opinion, this is the system everyone in our industry should be using.

Keith from Kidz Party Zone @ Bric-Kit

I have been using this system for about a year now and have not looked back!
If you want a reliable easy system to use to book, track and manage your parties then this is it!!
Must have for any party entertainer whether mobile or static.

Andrea from The Little Party People

Party Pro Manager provide a friendly, professional service which will help Little party people no end!
They really do care about this industry and go the extra mile to help everyone in it.

Karen from Burnley Wood

A massive thank you to Adam for holding my hand whilst setting up our booking system.
Was over the moon was only live a few hours and we had our first enquiry.

Darren from Mr Balloony

Without your help and advice I would still be still getting totally bogged down with repeat messaging to customers day after day.
Thank you Adam for your help and support, and well done to you
The cost of all this is a no-brainer for me - amazing value and time saving.
Party Pro Manager is just what I have been looking for.